Create Dynamic and Creative Sequencing that will excite you, and inspire your students

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What makes you say, "Wow, that was a great yoga class?"

Do you have a favorite teacher that always has you leaving their class with a huge smile on your face? You're feeling energized and refreshed. You're feeling stronger, with a clear calm mind, ready to enjoy your day.

That teacher is gifted at sequencing a class. Without good sequencing the class can lose it's pace, your students minds will wander. A well sequenced class will keep your students coming back and bringing their friends. 

Introducing the Dynamic and Creative Sequencing Course

Coming Fall 2020!

  • Create fresh and inspirational Yoga classes.
  • Learn how to break out of the template to Improvise new Sequences
  • Create flows that you can modify to serve every student in class
  • Assess your students abilities and meet them where they are
  • Create sequences for transitions
  • Sequences for flow classes
  • Sequences for low mobility
  • Learn to sequence for HIIT classes
  • Sequences for handless vinyasa
  • Sequences for chair classes

The course will be live soon. Enter your name below to be put on the waiting list.

About the Author

Dianne Bondy's inclusive approach to yoga empowers anyone to practice—regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability.

Dianne is revolutionizing yoga by educating yoga instructors around the world on how to make their classes welcoming and safe for all kinds of practitioners wth her groundbreaking "Yoga for All" Training.

Dianne’s first book "Yoga for Everyone," is a bestseller and her new book "Yoga Where You Are," will be available in December of 2020

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