50 Pose Breakdowns.
10 Sequences.
1 Epic Learning Experience.

Learn how to customize your yoga practice with the Yoga For Everyone Course.

Customize Your Yoga Practice to Fit Your Body

Tired of online yoga that just doesn't work for you? Wish the teachers would slow down and show you how to build each pose? Fed up with sequences that don't work for your body? 

I totally get it.

I started practicing yoga with my mom when I was three and we just practiced. It wasn't about achieving a specific shape. Then, when I started practicing in yoga studios, I realized that yoga had shifted into moving—and looking—one specific way. 

I didn't fit the new yoga ideal. Not. Even. Close.

So when I became a yoga teacher, I vowed that my classes would be different. My classes would truly be for anyone who wanted to practice and not just the privileged, able-bodied few.

And I've dedicated every day of my 20+ year yoga career to making yoga accessible to people who feel left behind in traditional studio and online yoga classes.

Introducing the Yoga for Everyone Course

Dianne on a beach wearing blue pants, white shirt and doing yoga asana

Yoga is a practice meant for everyone, but not everyone has access to an experienced, accessible yoga teacher to guide their practice.

The Yoga for Everyone Course was created to empower you with the knowledge you need to customize your yoga practice on your own—in a studio class or while practicing at home.

Customer stories

Dianne is hilarious and creative and relatable. Even though we never had a conversation in real time, I found myself talking back to her on the videos and cracking up and feeling like I had a precious yoga friend a click away. 

Alyssa Spungen

I learned not only the important practicalities of adaptation and modification but also how to hold space for the needs of the people who are trusting me.

It's an enormous honour to teach yoga, and Dianne's gift is undoubtedly the ways she leads by example, with both humour and a deep reverance for humans.

Fiona Sutherland

Customize Every Yoga Pose So It Works For You

Pause for a moment and imagine that you knew how to adjust every pose to suit your unique body. What would your practice be like? Would you do yoga more often, resulting in your feeling more more centered, peaceful and embodied? How would your relationship with your body change for the better?

It would be pretty awesome, right?

I thought so too. And so I created a comprehensive, online yoga course that equips you to customize any practice so you're never left behind on the mat again.

 Doing the Yoga for all course has changed my practice in so many ways. Dianne has offered different variations and options that I can now practice the poses I would avoid. It's been a game changer for me and my practice. Yes!!!!!!

Dianne is a wonderful teacher. Doing this course has changed my yoga practice. I would definitely recommend this course to every body.

Ally Miller

 I have trouble following classes online because they tend to move too fast and include yoga poses that I find challenging or even impossible. The Yoga For All course is completely different then anything I have tried before.

Each yoga pose has it's own video, with instruction and demonstration that includes modifications for students with different strengths and abilities. It's like getting private yoga instruction from Dianne!  

Catherine Fannon

50 Pose Breakdowns

Learn to adapt the 50 most common yoga poses so that they feel good in your body.

10 Sequences

Experience 10 sequences inspired by my book, Yoga for Everyone.

Keep it forever.

Once you buy the course, it's yours to access for as long as you like.

Dedicated Facebook Community

Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded people for support and connection.

Over Five Hours of  Instruction Videos

Sequences and pose breakdowns  that will be a go to reference in your yoga journey.

This Course Includes

Standing, Balancing and Reclining Poses

Screenshot of 35 thumbnails of different yoga postures

Twisting Bending and Folding


You Deserve Yoga That Works For Your Body

Enroll in The Yoga for Everyone Course and get immediate, unlimited access to all 60 lessons including breakdowns of the 50 most common yoga poses and 10 sequences you can adapt to work for your body now and grow as your practice grows!

Plus, you'll be invited to join the exclusive, private Facebook group especially for yogis who are on the Yoga for Everyone journey. Share ideas and connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive, collaborative environment.

One payment of $97.00  No recurring charges

Whether you are student who feels left out of yoga spaces, or a teacher who feels they are not serving the array of students who show up to their classes, you MUST take Dianne’s training.

Dianne creates classes and trains teachers in a truly accessible yoga, that is for EVERYONE, honoring the true meaning of yoga, to yoke, to bring together, to create connection and union where no one is left out.

Smiling woman on a swing

Robin Ralph

I have truly appreciated the tools and ideas your book, workshop, and trainings have provided. They have been an irreplaceable resource in my tool box that have encouraged me in my personal practice and my students also are finding their space and confidence through the skills you have taught me. Dianne's teachings are truly a vehicle to a deeper practice not simply a stop along the way.

Woman smiling outdoors

Eva Shumacher

Still Not Quite Sure?

Maybe you've tried yoga before. Maybe you signed up for a class that was supposed to be accessible or for beginners and found yourself trying to keep up or being asked to fold yourself into pretzel shapes that didn't work for you. Maybe you stopped by your local yoga studio for a class and felt like you didn't belong there. 

The Yoga For Everyone Course was created for you. You get to work through the poses at your own pace. Work through each pose breakdown as many times as you want. Have questions or having trouble with something? Ask about it in the Yoga For Everyone Facebook group and you'll get helpful ideas from community members (including Dianne!) and support for those moments when yoga is challenging.

Yoga for Everyone is for you. Promise. 

14-Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!


Money Back Guarantee

We think you'll love The Yoga For Everyone Course and learn how to adapt your practice to fit your body. If you don't learn anything new or find that yoga simply isn't for you, let us know. Just let us know within the first 14 days and we will process your refund. No questions asked.

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