Video 2 - Chair Flow

Yoga Where You Are will be Released December 8th!

Thank you so much for pre-ordering the new book Yoga Where You Are. It will be released in time for Christmas and I can't wait to share it with you

Image of the book "Yoga for Everyone 50 poses for every type of body" by Dianne Bondy

My first book Yoga for Everyone was very well received. I still get emails and messages on social media almost every day from people telling me how much they enjoyed that book.

You can order the Yoga for Everyone Book here

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Yoga for Everyone is so popular that I recorded videos of all 50 poses and ten sequences and have made them available to you.


50 Individual Pose Tutorials

Anyone can do almost any pose. You will learn what props and techniques you need to discover your version of the pose


Ten Sequences for Any Body

You'll learn 10 sequences to use whenever you get stuck for ideas. Use them as they are, or you can build upon them to create something of your own.


Nine Bonus Lessons 

These extra lessons go into even more detail and reinforce the knowledge you'll gain by looking at modifications and variations in a slightly different manner.

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All of the videos from the Yoga for Everyone book - plus nine additional lessons have been online for you to enjoy. 

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