It's Time to Level Up

Gain a deeper understanding of yoga. Study online, anytime with Dianne Bondy, accessible yoga teacher and leader of the Yoga For All movement.

It's Time to Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

No matter who you are, your ability level, or where you're at with yoga, Dianne Bondy can help you grow your practice. After 20+ years of adapting yoga to work for all bodies and teaching teachers around the world to do the same,  you can now study with Dianne from the comfort of your own home and take your yoga practice to the next level.

For Yoga Teachers

Are you one of "those teachers?" The ones that are relentless in increasing their teaching skills, understanding the human body and leveraging yoga as a tool for social justice? Are you looking for meaningful opportunities to continue your yoga training in modalities and practices that make yoga more accessible to everyone who shows up to your class? If so, you're in the right place.

As a leading voice in the accessible yoga movement and a long-time teacher of teachers, it's Dianne's mission to create continuing education that teaches you new skills and helps you level up the ones you already have. Ready to get started?

For Yoga Students

Wish you could practice yoga with an experienced teacher who understands that every body is different? Ever wish you could learn yoga fundamentals in a safe and accessible way, at your own pace? If so, you're in the right place.

Explore yoga, mindfulness and body positive fitness with Dianne Bondy in easy-to-follow, online yoga courses. 

Study Yoga Online with Dianne Bondy


High-quality yoga classes and trainings can be expensive, but they don't have to be. Our courses are designed to contain valuable information at an affordable price.


Take your yoga study on the road. Your courses are available on any device and anywhere you have an Internet connection.


Classes that fit your life. Course material is available anytime you want to study, so choose the times that work best for your busy schedule. 


Need to slow down your studies when life happens? Want to go through the course again? No problem. You get access to every course you buy forever.


Yoga for Everyone

In this companion course for my first book "Yoga for Everyone," you'll learn how to adapt 50 classic yoga poses for your body type and how to put them all together to create 10 sequences you can practice at home.

You will explore how to use yoga props for each pose to make your practice uniquely your own. Discover how to harness yoga postures to experience specific physical and mental benefits.

This course includes 60 short videos. One for each of the 50 poses and one for each of the ten sequences.

FOR Teachers

Creative Sequencing

Sequencing a yoga class is a big deal. It's the difference between a so-so class and a transformational experience. Most teachers learn one or two sequencing frameworks in their yoga trainings.

In this course you will learn how to easily create thoughtful, accessible sequences for your classes? Sequences so artfully designed that they take into account that some of your students will want to be challenged and others will need pose variations that meet them where they are at?.


What our students say

Woman with hands in prayer position

 S. Sheehan

Yoga student

There is a way that Dianne speaks that literally takes me deeper into myself; it feels as though she gave me permission to dive deep, while holding me in a space of compassion and honesty.

a Woman doing down dog looking at a baby.

C. Ehler

Yoga teacher

Dianne brings a grounded enthusiasm to everything she does. She challenges people to commit to their yoga in a fresh and inspired way. Anyone serious about their yoga practice and sharing it with others will benefit from her expertise.